Sunday, March 15, 2009

After several days of rain

I don't know about you, but I had a hard time getting myself out of the house and on to the road this week. I did need a little rest and break but 5 days? I got out when it was dry enough this morning, but guess what? After about one hour, I heard a clap of thunder and whack! Down came the rain. I was not carrying my cell phone this time but was carrying my wallet which got soaked! I turned into a frog. Been thinking about doing that anyway with so many contiguous days of rain. As it turned out, I enjoyed running in the rain. I wore a long sleeve running shirt this time and a cap. That kept me warm. Yet on arriving at the house, I stepped in the shower with the cold water running and wham! It felt like it was boiling! The surface of the skin was super cooled by the rain and cold even though it wasn't but in the 50's. A few minutes later I adjusted to the water and even got take a real warm shower in the end.

I resumed the alternating sprints in the distance strategy. I ran 12.98 miles at a 8.9 pace. Full stride sprints occur on downhill and a slower shorter stride pace on uphill. That is Ok. Slower than I want to run a half marathon, but ok considering I was playing it safe on the wet surface.

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