Saturday, March 7, 2009

Randy has broken his speed record - now under 8 min/mile

This has been a pretty good week for training. Despite the heavy pollen count, I have finally managed to break 8.0 min/mile in a decent length. I went out this morning on a relatively short course speed training run. I was not consciously trying to break my record, just get a good workout. It was 7.36 miles. This ends a week of two long and one short run for a total distance of over 36 miles in 3 runs. The longest was more than 15 miles. I am happy with this progress. I am proving to myself that I can run under 9 minute miles in the half marathon. Other runners tell me that I should be ready now for the full marathon, but I have not really been seeking extreme sports as my goal. Now I see I can do that and probably will make that the full marathon my goal before I turn 65. The only problem I experienced this week was some wheezing. That occurred on the 15 mile run, right after I drank while running. So I decided to stop that practice and only to take a drink while walking. That is defined as three gulps and no more. I carried my own water on the 15-mile trip. That was extra weight and it helps to further strengthen the leg muscles. All of this training is done on the Woodlands hills. My course is quite challenging for runners in this area. I will need it in Nashville! Today I will also cross train on a bicycle.

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